How to Remove Cellulite – 5 Top Tips

Cellulite, the cottage cheese skin is a problem that over 90 percent of women have to deal with. The good news is, you can find how to remove cellulite by exploring different options for treating cellulite.

Tip #1: Understand What Cellulite Is

Known with different names such as dimpled skin or cottage cheese skin, cellulite is fat buildup under the connective tissues. The fat builds up to a point where it starts pushing against the connective tissues, causing the skin to ripple and pucker.

Tip #2: Keep Body Fat Low

Since cellulite is triggered by excess fat accumulation, it is only common sense to keep body fat as low as possible. One of the best ways to check body fat is to adopt an exercise and healthy diet regimen. You should also concentrate on using exercise to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Therefore, incorporate cardio workouts such as flexibility and strength training into your exercise program. Also, eat healthy diet and do not favor a particular food group over another (what is known as fad/crash diet). Balance diet is the ultimate solution.

Tip #3: Use Moisturizers

The essence of using moisturizer is to hydrate your skin and minimize the degree of skin rippling caused by cellulite. Go for a moisturizer with sunless tanner in it. The sunless tanner will help make the rippled skin invisible.

Tip #4: Buy Quality Cellulite Cream

The cellulite cream you should look out for is the one that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants ingredients. This may be costlier but will produce the best possible result in removing your cellulite.

Tip #5: Experiment with Skin Brushing

This is a relatively cheap and simple technique for removing cellulite. This is how it works: use a loofah sponge to scrub the cellulite prone areas (thighs, legs, belly, and arm). Alternatively, you can use a soft body brush for the task. This technique is a great way to exfoliate your skin, stimulate blood flow, and ultimately fade the appearance of cellulite.

If you prefer more drastic measures on how to remove cellulite, you may consider liposuction, mesotherapy or other surgical treatments. However, you should approach this method with care.

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