Ab-Solution Plus Topical Ab Solution Fat Loss Formula (8oz)

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Toning lotion
Fat loss formula
Helps to break down fat, increase skin tone and muscle definition


AN AMAZING NEW WAY START LOSING INCHES AND REDUCE FAT… Everyone has fat cells. Unfortunately, some fat cells naturally retain a higher percentage of fat then others, making it extremely difficult, if not unattainable, to eliminate unwanted fat in certain areas of the body. Since our bodies are programmed to store this fat, dieting and exercise on a regular basis fails to release it. Thus, science will have to step in and do what nature won’t do on its own… LIBERATE STORED FAT! Over 250,000 women and men have used AB-SOLUTION PLUS to lose inches – so are you able to! A scientific, double-blind, placebo-controlled research study showed that AB-SOLUTION PLUS fat reduction cream users lost an average of 2.1 inches from each thigh (a combined average of 4.2 inches) in only three weeks. In another blind study, subjects lost inches from and reduced up to 14% of the fat layer from the stomach and up to 15% from the arms in 30 days. AB-SOLUTION PLUS The formulating doctors state that on account of its patented liposome technology, results can be seen within 30 days. “I’ve been the usage of AB-SOLUTION for the last two months. And I have had remarkable results. I’m not overweight, but I needed a product to give me a smooth, hard look like you advertised…this has. In my business I will’t come up with the money for any visible flaws and AB-SOLUTION(tm) took care of any I might have had.” – Sean CA Model Apply to skin as directed on bottle. * This product contains Caffeine. * Dieter’s must consult their physician before the usage of this product. Ingredients: Caffeine,Yohimbe,Usnic Acid,Aminophylline.
Toning lotion
Fat loss formula
Helps to break down fat, increase skin tone and muscle definition
Helps to reduce cellulite
Increase skin firmness and skin elasticity

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