What Causes Cellulite?

The patches of dimpled skin usually found around the upper thighs and buttocks are known as cellulite. This condition is common among women. Cellulite-infected skin has a dimpled or wrinkled appearance, which results from fat cells pushing between collagen fibers and skin layers (Info Source: Medicine Plus Medical Encyclopedia). Cellulite is also sometimes called cottage cheese skin due to its resemblance with cottage cheese.

So, what causes cellulite? Although certain risk factors have been associated with this skin condition, there is still no absolute clarity about the causes of cellulite. Keep reading to learn more.

Cellulite and Genetics

Even some slim people still have cellulite. The reason is linked to the fact that cellulite is partly associated with genetics. In essence, if cellulite runs in your family line, you are more prone to cellulite regardless of your weight and size.

Cellulite and Diet

One of the high risk factors to cellulite is diet. Medical News Today recently featured an article about the causes of cellulite. According to the article, lack or shortage of green leafy vegetables and water is usually linked to the inflammation of fat cells, hence, cellulite. The article also explains that excess sodium (salt), carbohydrates and fats promote fat cells inflammation and trigger cellulite.

Cellulite and Culture

When it comes to what causes cellulite, lack of exercise is seen as a risk factor as well. People who lead sedentary lifestyle are increasingly prone to fat/weight gain. The message is simple: if you don’t exercise regularly, fat will build up and trigger pockets of cellulite.

Cellulite and Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking is a also a risk factor to cellulite formation. Smoking deposits toxins in the body that may likely worsen the appearance of dimpled skin known as cellulite. If you are battling with cellulite and have the habit of smoking, you may minimize cellulite appearance by quitting smoking.

The factors above are the major risk factors to what causes cellulite.

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